Anticipating the Android 14 Feature Drop Update: Patience for Separate Animated Wallpapers

Android 14 stable, which is scheduled to launch next month, is now just around the corner thanks to the most recent Android 14 Beta release. Although most people are aware that Google’s Pixel family of smartphones will be among the first to receive stable Android 14, Followed by Samsung, and other manufacturers will add this feature to their list of compatible devices. According to recent reports, we may soon be able to set two separate animated live wallpapers on our devices, one for the lock screen and one for the home screen.

The ability to set different animated wallpapers for the lock screen and home screen separately is one of the features that was expected in the first beta, but it seems the feature will take some time to arrive and is expected to arrive in the coming days. The function is actually highlighted as “udc-qpr-dev”, which is Google’s internal development platform for Android 14 QPR1. It can also be stated as the first Pixel Feature, which is expected to be release in December 2023. According to a statement made in response to a post on the issue tracker by a Samsung engineer seeking clarification regarding that, “Udc” stands for “Upside Down Cake,” which is the codename for the Android 14 OS.

Quarterly Platform Release is the term for “qpr” and “dev” for the development branch. With Android 14 beta 1, several animated backgrounds can be chosen, but it makes us wonder why Google removed it from the first beta rollout. Maybe the firm wanted to bring enhancement. If the firm has followed its previous OS update launch date, then by now the stable version of Android 14 will be made available, as Android 13 was launched on August 15, 2022. Starting with the Google Pixel 4, the OS upgrade will continue to reach other devices.

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Thanks to “Mishaal Rahman