One UI Watch 5 brings new security feature for Galaxy Watches

Apparently, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series have access to the Google Wear OS 4-based One UI 5 Watch software upgrade from Samsung. Through the update, Galaxy Watch owners will be able to move their watch’s settings and data to a new phone without doing a factory reset.

One UI Watch 5 prevents factory resets from bypassing screen locks

On the Wear OS-based Galaxy Watch, Samsung lets you add an additional layer of security by using a pin lock or pattern. The wearable may be factory reset to get around this security feature on earlier iterations of the One UI watch, though. If you use a pattern or PIN lock and reset your One UI Watch 5 running Wear OS 4, you will need to input it once more during the first setup procedure.

Your Galaxy Watch can’t be used by anyone else if it is stolen or loses all credits due to this new security functionality. It comes as an extra measure of safety that could be useful in unfavorable circumstances. Now it makes you think: what if you unintentionally forget the PIN or pattern? This is the place where the One UI 5 mechanism comes in as a lifesaver by restoring your Galaxy Watch following a factory reset. In order to do it, you must verify your identity using your Google account and smartphone. The reliable source, SamMobile, tried this new approach last week and reported they were unable to use the fingerprint scanner to validate their own Google account.

One UI 6.0 Early Access Beta Device List

The source stated that they were getting this issue while using the Galaxy Wearable app’s setup procedure on their smartphone. Fortunately, by manually inputting the Google account password, identity verification was made possible, and the watch was unlocked.

One UI 5 Watch update

The wearer’s wellness journey is improved with the One UI 5 Watch update for the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4 series, which also brings in personalized features and design options. With its smart sleep score factors, sleep consistency, and sleep management tools, it provides you with an insightful understanding of your sleep habits. For quick progress tracking, get sleep coaching right on your wrist.

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