Google Find My Device 3.0 Update rolling out with new look

Google has now rolled out the new update for Find My Device. With the latest update, the company has changed the icon of the app. Previously, it had a simple icon where it had a phone in the icon; now, with the new update, you will get a touch of Google’s theme colors in the shape of searching waves.

The application is an application that helps you locate misplaced devices that have location capabilities and are connected to the internet. This also has an alarm capability that makes a full sound even if your phone is in silent mode.

This application also works well with Bluetooth trackers, so when your personal items such as headphones, speakers, and other everyday objects like keys, wallets, or luggage This makes them easily searchable.

With the latest update, you may get some more improvements in the usability of the app, so it is recommended to update the application. The latest update comes with version number 3.0.046-4. The update will be available on the devices in the coming days. Users can also sideload the app from APKMirror.

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