Good Lock MultiStar update lets you add more apps to Galaxy Z Flip 5 launcher widget

Samsung has released a new update for its Good Lock MultiStar app, which adds the ability to add more apps to the cover screen launcher widget on the Galaxy Z Flip 5. This means that users can now have more apps at their fingertips when using the cover screen.

According to the changelog, users can now have up to 200 apps at their fingertips when using the cover screen. The update also includes other bug fixes, such as a fix for a touch error that occurred when running an app in the launcher widget. Samsung is all about providing a seamless user experience, and this update further enhances that goal. MultiStar v6.7.03 allows you to add ‘Samsung Music’ to your launcher widget on the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Now, you can effortlessly control your music playback without unlocking your device, making it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go.

List of countries that support the Samsung Good Lock App and its modules

In previous versions, some users encountered touch errors when running apps in the launcher widget. However, Samsung has diligently addressed this issue in the latest update. You can now enjoy a smoother experience without any hiccups or glitches when using your cover screen launcher widget.

IMG: SamLover

The MultiStar update is available for limited users to download from the Galaxy Store. To install it, open the Galaxy Store app and search for MultiStar. Tap on the app icon, and then tap on the Install button.

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