A clear look at the Galaxy Buds FE is provided by new renders

It is confirmed that the next set of headsets that will come from Samsung will be the Galaxy Buds FE and not the Galaxy Buds 3 or Galaxy Buds 2 Plus. The Galaxy Buds FE leaked through promotional material earlier this week. The leak offered us a decent look at particular features and rendered images of the forthcoming fan-edition Galaxy Buds. Now we have a clearer look at both the white and black Galaxy FE buds. The in-depth pictures of the upcoming wireless network were released by the German news blog WinFuture.

The structure of the earphones is somewhat reminiscent of Samsung’s extremely popular and most favorite Galaxy Buds + and Galaxy Buds that were launched in 2020 and 2019 with some added enhancements. Also, the firm reportedly plans to sell the Galaxy Buds FE with rubber coverings, as it did with certain earlier versions of its line of wireless in-ear headphones, in order to enhance the grip on the ear cups in various ways. The earphones in the leaked images are really a set of Galaxy Buds FE earbuds that have a wingtip attachment with one rubber accessory wrapped around them.

The sensor used in the Galaxy Buds FE determines when to pause and play music while the earbuds are in your ears. Accessibility to active noise cancellation is also available. Cost will not be an issue with these wireless earbuds, as the FE buds’ price will be lower than that of other expensive earbuds. The user guide, which was leaked a week ago, showcased the presence of wingless rubber in small and medium sizes. It is obvious that the FE earbuds will cost less than the premium Galaxy Buds. Even though an accurate time frame isn’t yet known, the South Korean tech company is predicted to hold a separate launch for all the FE variants that they have in stock for debut, for instance, the Galaxy S23 FE and Galaxy Tab S9 FE series.

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