Google uses the Play Store to push RCS, but Apple still says no

By utilizing its Play Store platform, Google is launching a new plan to distribute its Rich Communication Services (RCS) to iOS users. Short Message Service (SMS) will be superseded by a communication system called RCS, which will also improve smartphone texting. As Apple’s iMessage has long been the preferred option for iPhone users, Google is taking a big step to compete with it by using the Play Store. With its witty advertising efforts, direct remarks made live at events, and open data reports, Google has been a longtime supporter of RCS chat and has tried to persuade companies like Apple to adopt it.

Apple is under pressure to use RCS from competitors like Samsung and authorities like the European Union. The best alternative to the SMS and MMS protocols is said to be RCS. Everyone who participates will get access to many features that are similar to those found in modern instant messaging applications, like read receipts, group conversations, end-to-end encrypted chats, and real-time typing indications. During the latest Play Store exploration, I found a large new card between two app suggestion cards in one of the horizontally scrolling carousels.

By default, RCS is activated in the Google Messages app, and clicking it brought up a lengthy editorial on the Play Store that described its advantages. That being said, it is not the goal to suggest that an iPhone user will install Messages or buy an Android phone right away. Google has limited this card to the Play Store’s online version. This version is easiest to use on Windows, macOS, and iOS operating systems, which are the ones where the Play Store app isn’t available. This makes it rather evident that the website is intended primarily for Apple users.

This makes it rather evident that the website is intended primarily for Apple users. It is possible that this may cause people to see things differently, which may ultimately force the corporation to retract its position. October 2 is when the webpage was first made; therefore, it is a very new feature.

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Thanks to “Android Police