Samsung takes a jab at Apple for lack of RCS support

A month prior, Google mocked Apple when it ran a phoney advertisement for an Apple device dubbed through the iPager. It is all known when an Android user joins a group conversation with iOS users, ending up with all of iMessage’s amazing features being lost. End-to-end encryption, high-quality photos, typing indications, read receipts, and support for bigger messages are no longer available, and text is now found in a green bubble rather than a blue bubble. The ad was shared for the purpose of highlighting how Apple still employs obsolete SMS/MMS messaging when sending a message to an Android user. 

Google is attempting to persuade Apple to implement Rich Communication Services (RCS), which provides Android users with iMessage-like functionality when they are in a discussion with other RCS users. There are many different viewpoints on Google’s ongoing RCS effort. Now Samsung’s latest RCS advertisement with the title “Green bubbles and blue bubbles want to be together. Help Apple #GetTheMessage” has brought attention. The advertisement is short and sweet, lasting only 20 seconds. The advertisement depicts a text dialogue between two text bubbles, one green and one blue. Here Android is shown as Romeo and Juliet is shown as iOS.

Romeo – “I hate that it has to be like this…can you just talk to your parents?” 

Juliet – “I tried, but they want to keep us apart”

Romeo – “I’m just not sure.” “What did green ever do to them? We’re bubbles as well”

Juliet –  “And literally everyone wants us to be together. Ugh.”

The company’s intentions are evident from there, yet the commercial never explicitly states that we need RCS on the iPhone. Apple will only embrace RCS if forced to do so by the EU’s Digital Market Act (DMA). As of now, the iMessage platform currently does not have enough average monthly users in the 27 EU member nations to act as a gatekeeper. 

Google’s pressure on Apple: 

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is an ancient standard that Google embraced after other carriers abandoned it. Google has been pushing hard for Apple to implement RCS on the iPhone in recent years, and now that Samsung has joined the battle too, we can expect a change through continuous advertising; however, Apple is too stable not to adapt RCS. Most Android users are unaware that by utilizing RCS and texting other RCS users, they can have the same capabilities as iMessage. 

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