Android Emergency SOS App Gets New Feature to Prevent Accidental Calls

Android smartphones are loaded with several safety-based features that help users protect their device as well as themselves from certain situations. The SOS Emergency application is also one of them, which helps users call emergency numbers with ease. However, due to the automation, emergency services in several countries have reported that they are getting many calls due to the false touches done by users.

Moreover, connecting with emergency services is very easy now; you just have to press the power button five times. It starts a countdown, and then after 5 seconds, it contacts the emergency service of your country. Due to this automation, many times it produces fake calls that irritate the emergency operators.

However, to eradicate this issue, Google is working on a solution to the problem that will change this functionality and introduce a new way to connect with emergency services. According to Mishaal Rahman, Google is bringing a new change, like now when you press the power button of your mobile five times, the emergency application will not call automatically, but now it will show you a button in the center of the application, which you will have to hold down for three seconds for the call to be made to the emergency services.

However, Google doesn’t make this change as a default, so you can easily keep any method that is suitable for you, but if you also want to switch to the new method, you go to the settings and then choose the security and emergencies menu. Here you will get two options. Just tap on “Use touch and hold to start actions”.

It is worth noticing that the new emergency option is limited to devices that are using the Google “SOS Emergency” app. But other devices that work on the brand’s own design UI will not get it until the brand decides to implement it. 

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