YouTube Premium Subscription Costs Rising in These Select Contries

YouTube Premium customers will now pay more in some countries, as per the announcement by the company. Users in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America will now experience a corresponding rise compared to those in the US who were first affected by the move. It was anticipated that Google would eventually expand its YouTube premium pricing to other regions after announcing a hike in July for US customers. Germany, Poland, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, and Turkey will see an increase in price starting on November 1st for YouTube premium. Predictably, YouTube premium and YouTube music premium plans for individuals, families, and students are affected by this.

It is notable that this is the first time that the price of a YouTube premium individual has increased in Australia. Earlier, in Australia, the president was around $16.99. Remarkably, the corporation states that customers at reduced cost are limited to doing so for an extra 3 months; maybe they want to raise the cost of the premium subscription in every area. During the subsequent building cycle, those who currently have a YouTube premium subscription will begin to see the new cost. This information was obtained through email, and YouTube stated that serious consideration went into their choice. However, the pricing was altered in order to maintain Premium’s improvements and to help artists and creators who post their videos on YouTube.

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Along with the launch of new app features, YouTube is currently prohibiting ad blockers globally. Aside from allowing offline downloads,  YouTube Premium also brings in audio-only video playback. One can also co-watch through Google Meet, test features in advance, and enjoy 1080p premium streaming quality. Always remember that downloading YouTube Premium directly from the website is less expensive than doing it through the iOS app store.

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