Samsung Galaxy A32 to Receive Its Last Major Update with One UI 6 in Q1, 2024

Samsung has released an official One UI 6 schedule and timeline where it shared information about the eligible smartphones and also told about when they will get the update with an exact date, but after some time, the company has removed it because it doesn’t predict accurate dates. However, it has helped us to know about the list of eligible devices. After taking some time, the company once again published an update schedule in Korea, which also predicted the availability of the update. However, both schedules don’t include the Galaxy A32 as a contender to receive the One UI 6 update.

Samsung confirms to give One UI 6 to Galaxy A32 device

If we take the traditional way to analyze whether the Galaxy A32 is eligible for One UI 6 or not, here we take the release year of the device, which is 2021, and it comes with Android 11 preinstalled. According to the older update policy, the company gives only three years of software support for the budget and some mid-range smartphones, so by price range, this smartphone also belongs to these categories. By simple calculation, it is only eligible to get two major updates that the device has already received in the form of Android 12 and Android 13, but for this device, Samsung may change this policy.

Samsung One UI 6.0 Stable Timeline Released for Its Galaxy Smartphones

According to a report, a user, Prince Abelle (shared the information with us), has asked about the eligibility of its Galaxy A32 device for One UI 6, and the official support team of Samsung has replied that “the Android 14 and One UI 6 will be the last updates for your device”. Along with this, we also learned that an update will be available for the device by the first quarter of 2024.

With this confirmation, some more questions arise: will other devices that are not included in the official schedule and released in 2021 also get the One UI 6? However, currently we don’t have any answers, but we expect that Samsung will officially make some clarifications about this in the coming days.

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