Swiss Post Adopts Samsung Galaxy Devices, Retires Industrial Scanners

Swiss Post transported around 194 million packages in 2022. In 2020, post offices began receiving 30,000 Samsung cellphones as part of the “NEMO” (Reorientation Mobile) project to guarantee the success of this logistical marvel. They swapped out industrial scanners in equal measure. Posting letters and packages involves over 20,000 Samsung Galaxy A series cellphones and about 5,000 Galaxy XCovers, both in the Enterprise Edition. There are about 5,000 more Galaxy A devices in the Enterprise Edition of PostNetz, which has 4,800 access points total. A total of 30,000 Samsung Galaxy A-series smartphones have been provided to Swiss Post employees since 2020. These devices enable Swiss Post employees to perform route planning, internal communication, time logging, and package and letter scanning.

The Galaxy A series played a key role in this initiative

A reliable companion for various logistical applications is the A series. Whatever a postal worker needed in a dependable tech partner, the Samsung Galaxy A series accommodated their needs. For its smooth integration into the postal system’s existing procedures, the Galaxy A series received bonus points. To enable pre-testing and manual installation of Android upgrades across all devices, every device is equipped with the Knox Suite (E-FOTA One). Furthermore, Knox Asset Intelligence (KAI) is being thoroughly tested by the post office and is currently undergoing a trial program involving approximately 150 devices.

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Across all devices, it will be used to optimize battery utilization and remotely monitor the state of batteries and charging cycles. VM-ware is used for an all-inclusive mobile management solution that can be easily included in the current system. Samsung has signed a deal to employ Enterprise Tech Support (ETS). A seamless user experience is ensured by this, among other things, by providing preferred processing of support queries. Over time, Swiss Post hopes to swap out all of the remaining industrial scanners for Samsung Electronics.

“We were looking for an innovative solution to improve our delivery processes. With Samsung smartphones, we have found a multifunctional solution for parcel and letter scanning, internal communication in our teams, time recording, and planning delivery routes,” says Roberto Balet, ICT project manager at Swiss Post.

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