Good Lock Edge Touch update fixes issues related to app termination

Samsung Edge Touch is a Good Lock plugin that provides several customization services to protect the edge of the device from unintended touches. Now the company has started rolling out new updates to improve its functionality.

Samsung Good Lock Edge Touch v1.1.26 update

Samsung has started rolling out a new update for the Edge Touch plugin, which brought improvements and fixed the issue that caused the app to terminate. The changelog does not mention anything else. If you also want to get the latest software, you should go for the latest update.

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The latest update of Edge Touch is now available on the Galaxy Store, which is carrying version number 1.1.26. It has a software size of 2.09MB. If you are having any issues installing the application from the Galaxy Store.

How to use Edge Touch

To use the services of Edge Touch, you just need to open the Good Lock on your device and then tap the Edge Touch module. You will get several options, like showing edge zones, and you can also add edge zones. In a strip block, there are multiple options, like sensitive zones, optimized zones, and insensitive zones. The sensitive zone setting allows you to easily manage how to block the edge and prevent accidental touch.

If you still don’t know where it will be useful, let’s take an example. If you are watching any video on your phone with your hands, several times touching the edge of the screen causes an interruption. This problem frequently occurs in devices that are equipped with curved-edge displays. So to prevent this disturbance, you can use the edge touch to block the sensitive part of the screen that is causing the issue.

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