Samsung Good Lock: A Treasure Trove of Customization and Productivity Tools

When Samsung started focusing on expanding the customization of its Galaxy devices, the company introduced a very useful suite of applications, Good Lock, which comes with a plethora of modules and offers several customization features for several built-in functions. However, behind the development of Good Lock, there is a story.

Samsung Good Lock was first released in April 2016, but the company later left it from its focus. After emerging demands from users, the Korean giant brought the refreshed version of Good Lock in 2018. It was re-released for some high-end Galaxy devices at that time, including the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S9, and Note 9 series devices, which were running on Android Oreo. Now, after adding some extra functionality, the company has added some more modules, which come with each major update of One UI. Like now, with One UI 6, we have a variety of modules.

Samsung Good Lock Camera Assistant, now available for Galaxy A54 and A53 devices

These modules are mainly divided into two categories: make-up and life-up. In the make-up category, all the modules that are able to customize the USSR interface are listed, including Theme Park, Pentastic, Wonderland, Lockstar, Keys Cafe, NavStar, Home Up, ClockFace, Quick Star, and Edge Lighting.

Samsung Makes One UI 6.1 and Good Lock 2024 Available Early

Meanwhile, the Life Up category is filled with modules, which provide the option to manage the functionalities of different functions. This list also includes several modules, including Nice Catch, Nice Shot, Edge Touch, One Hand Operation+, Routines, MultiStar, Camera Assistant, Registar, and Sound Assistant.

Samsung Good Lock Modules and their uses available with One UI 6

Theme Park: This module helps you design your own theme. There are several options available that will offer different customizations, like changing the color of the style, editing the color of the icon or of the tray, applying different icon packs, and many more.

Pentastic: With this application, users can easily make changes and make customizations to the functioning of S-PEN. For example, you can select different times for the formation of the Air command and also choose different sounds for the stylus.

Wonderland: Wonderland allows users to customize the available wallpaper, or they can also create original wallpaper by mixing their images with the help of different functionalities.

LockStar: It helps users make changes to the lock screen and personalize it according to its comfort. You can easily add or remove things from the screen.

Keyscafe: As the name suggests, Keyscafe provides different customization options for your keyboard. For example, you can adjust the size of the key according to your use and also add different types of effects. It also offers different games that can increase your typing speed.

NavStar: NavStar brings the functionality to make changes in the navigation bar, such as changing the color, hiding it, adding useful buttons, and also adding your favorite image to the icon.

Home Up: Home Up provides a plethora of features that can apply the different features that help you decorate the home screen of your device. For example, you can adjust the blur effect for a better look and customize recent app window types and folder pop-up styles.

Clock Face: Clock Face provides a variety of options to create your own clock style for the lock screen as well as the home screen. It also includes a pre-loaded style that you can apply directly.

Quick Star: With this module, users can easily customize the Quick Panel. For instance, you can change the layout and setting of Google Basic Panel, which is blocked by Samsung, and a handful of other features.

Edge Lighting+ is the latest module that was previously available for tablets and foldables. It works as a notification indicator, replacing the traditional notification light.

Nice catch: Nice catch is work as a reporter that provides detailed information about the ringer mode, call mode, toast, advertisement screen, sudden wake-up of your phone, charge setting volume, muted media volume, blocked notification, muted notification, and sounds.

Nice shot: With the help of a nice shot, you can set up the functioning of screen capture and screen recording. For example, you can change the format of saving media, like PNG and JPG, and you can also remove the system UI element for a better screenshot.

Edge touch: It helps you to restrict the edges so you can perform the tasks related to the task without getting disturbed by the unintended touches.

One Hand Operation+: The One Hand Operation module is very helpful for users because it brings customization to them so they can easily use their devices with one hand; in other words, it is able to add different functions that can be managed by one person easily.

Routines+: Routines+ provides some advanced features to Bixby Routines so you can make more powerful routines. There are some more conditions added, like unlock with a fingerprint, read text aloud, arrow key, and touch macro.

MultiStar: This module gives you the facility to customize the multi-window accessibility for your device, and with the new updates, it has also brought some new features for foldable devices.

Camera Assistant: The camera assistant comes with additional customization features for the stock camera. With new updates, it has been equipped with several new features, like optical quality crop zoom, adaptive pixels, and a priority for focus over speed.

RegiStar: It allows you to rearrange the settings of the home screen, hide the options, and change search settings; it also allows the customization of back-tapping; and for the Fold 4 devices, it also brings action according to the pressure of the screen.

Sound Assistant: Sound Assistant offers several customization options for managing the sound-related function on Galaxy devices; for example, you can easily control media volume instead of ringtone when pressing the volume key, and it also allows you to control individual application volumes. Along with this, the module.

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