One UI 6.1 Update Could Add AI Video Boost to the Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung is planning to bring more AI capabilities to its upcoming flagship Galaxy S24 series; some of these features will be contributed by its equipped processors. And for the other half, the pre-installed operating system will bring AI-integrated capabilities to the models.

Android 14-based UI 6.1 is the operating system that will be installed in the Galaxy S24 series for the very first time, and it will reach out to other Galaxy devices very soon. In recent times, there have been many rumors about the features that will be included with One UI 6.1. Now,  a new tip states that features that will contribute to video enhancements are on the list.

Benlt Bruhner Pro (@BennettBuhner), a tipster, highlighted two AI features relating to the video boost that will be coming with UI 6.1 in his X account. One of them is video processing using artificial intelligence that will increase low-light performance, decrease graininess, improve stability and exposure, and many more. Another one is the removal of subjects from videos.

Here,  all that needs to be done is to choose a subject from a video, and an artificial intelligence will work through the entire clip to remove the chosen subject as effectively as possible. It is unknown whether the operation is completed on-device or in the cloud, similar to the Video Boost feature of the Pixel 8 Pro. But the feature will help with low-light footage and conditions, as explained above.

Other AI features that are said to be included with One UI 6.1:

  • Extend the boundaries of images: With AI, the images will be able to take a current image and make additional copies of it.
  • On-device artificial intelligence chatbot: This chatbot can perform basic functions like answering basic queries and solving mathematics.
  • Gather crucial information from calls: AI will analyze all the information shared during a call and suggest actions based on what was said, including adding items to your to-do list or calendar.
  • Organize disorganized notes and text chunks in Samsung Notes: Disorganized notes and text chunks can be converted into organized notes with bullet points and more formal formatting with only a single button push.
  • Wallpapers created by artificial intelligence: Although it doesn’t include Google’s animations, Samsung’s UI has appropriated Google’s Generative AI wallpaper design, which is still rather impressive.
  • Real-time translation during phone calls: Reduce the robust language barrier that separates speakers of different languages by providing translation services during calls.
  • The impact of weather and portrait mode on the home and lock screens.
  • With its enhanced battery protection feature, users may choose from several protection levels that trade off convenience and battery life.