Samsung’s Latin American Smartphone Market Share Reaches All-Time High

Samsung’s rise as a smartphone manufacturer has reached the top in many regions worldwide, and it seems very soon the firm will secure the top position in all places.

A new report regarding the smartphone sales of this year shows that Samsung has stopped in the region of Latin America with its smartphone sales. Samsung dominated the smartphone market in Latin America in the third quarter of 2023, accounting for 33% of the market, as per recent research by TechInsights Industry Analyst Abhilash Kumar. (Via- SamMobile)

Regarding its market share, it is unchanged from the previous year. In contrast to the previous year, the Latin American smartphone market grew at a rate of 14.2%, while the worldwide smartphone market fell by 0.3%. This overall global rate has truly contributed to the expanding market for Samsung all around the world, so this is important growth for Samsung’s future.

A list of manufacturers other than Samsung that topped the smartphone market in Latin America:

  • By having an 18% market share, Motorola will grab the second position and become a popular manufacturer of smartphones in Latin America.
  • Even though Motorola is in the number two position, shipments dropped by two percent compared to the third quarter of 2022.
  • With 16% of the smartphone market, Xiaomi grabbed the No. 3 spot and became the third biggest brand in the Latin America region.
  • Fourth comes Apple, with an average selling price of Apple has done a good job compared to other smartphone manufacturers worldwide and has a 10% market share in this particular region.
  • Now looking at South America, the performance of Apple in the third quarter of 2023 seems to have increased by 7%.
  • Transsion, a smartphone manufacturer, has experienced tremendous growth, with a rise of 167% in the last year, selling three brands: Tecno, Itel, and Infinix.
  • This manufacturer comes in at No. 5 on the list, as 9% of the market was occupied by it.

Samsung’s growth in this sector is considerable, and we expect this to grow as Samsung is in stock with a lot of anticipated products that are set to release in the first quarter of 2024.