Check out the official teaser of Galaxy S24 and Galaxy AI

The only quest remaining for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is confirmation from Samsung’s side by releasing a poster or clip regarding the Unpacked Galaxy event. But to our astonishment, the South Korean tech giant finally released the official teaser for its Galaxy event scheduled to be held on January 17th. The teaser gives a glimpse of the evolution of Samsung mobile phones throughout the years and what we can expect to arrive this time. At the end of this one-minute video lies the news we have been waiting for: Galaxy Unpacked will be on January 17, 2024, which will be live telecasted on

The video starts with an elderly couple traveling in a train and talking about the history of Samsung mobiles back in their time. Starting with the first released mobile phone from Samsung in 1988, and then the world’s first TV phones were shown that were released in 1999. And slowly, the phones got an immersive display in 2011, and the phones got forwarded in 2014 with waterproof exteriors. Next, a user was shown using Samsung Pay through his mobile in 2015. As for last, the foldables were shown, which were launched in 2020. The clip comes back to the conversation as it was asked, “What’s next?” and the video continues to state, “Get ready to witness a new era of mobile.”

Samsung used the Google Bard lookalike symbol in the teaser too, a logo representing a three-star star with different sizes. With this moving logo, Samsung reveals that Galaxy AI is coming. Samsung itself brings out high anticipation with this video, as the firm is bringing something that will be the next big thing in the evolution of mobile phones. We can expect this to be the beginning of the AI era of Galaxy phones; this is what can be concluded after the reports we have seen so far from several sources.

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