Samsung Galaxy S24 Expected to Offer 10% More Responsive Displays

There’s just one week left until Samsung’s next unpacked event in San Jose, California, where the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra are expected to be officially revealed. As per the most recent rumors, the screen’s touch sensitivity may have a little yet significant influence.

Recent leaks have shown that the S24 has a greater touch sampling rate, which is expected to significantly improve the gaming experience. The most recent functionality enables a regular check of the display for finger contact, stylus tap, or dragging action. A more immersive, snappier, and fluid gaming experience is the end result.

The display of all three handsets will have a 10% faster touch reaction time, as per the well-known leaker, Ice Universe. This ought to ultimately result in a more responsive and seamless touch experience with a quicker reaction time from the device when you touch it. The leaker stated, “The screen touch response speed of the Galaxy S24 series has also increased by more than 10%, which may mean smoother and faster response.” The tipster is referring to the touch sampling rate in this instant, which is distinct from the refresh rate.

Touch sampling rate:

How often the screen scans for a touch input from a finger, stylus, or other device per second is known as the touch sampling rate. In simpler words, the number of times a display may automatically refresh in order to record a touch input from a user in a second is known as the touch sampling rate. The user’s touch input will only be detected 60 times per second on a smartphone, for instance, if its touch sampling rate is 60 Hz. Even with the S Pen in use, the S24 Ultra variant could gain more from enhanced touch sensitivity. Gaming enjoyment can be further improved by the display’s anticipated refresh rate, which is among the fastest on the market at 120Hz.

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