[Official] Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event August 2022, But One UI 4.1.1 Is Expectation

Voilà, Samsung today affirmed that the Galaxy Unpacked event is set for Wednesday, August 10. Foldables, wearables, and earbuds are all anticipated at 9:00 a.m. ET. It’ll be broadcasted live on Samsung.com and YouTube. 

After tipster ice Universe tweeted the invitation, we already knew it would happen. Let’s be clear that we knew that you knew it too. So we are here to give you some different information about this event.

Innovation isn’t close to radical thoughts; it’s a possibility via modern encounters that change our everyday lives for the better. 

These significant advancements provide a stage upon which our regular lives become easy and more flexible — opening us up to more prominent conceivable outcomes than ever before.

The Offers; Yes, you read it right, there are offers and credits :

The “biggest save offer ever” offers $200 in pre-order credit if you select all three item categories. It’s $100 for a “Galaxy Smartphone,” $50 for Galaxy Watch, and $30 for Galaxy Buds, with an additional $20 as the cherry on top. 

Suppose you do not intend on bundling buys. In that case, you’ll still get credit from Samsung by saving your spot in line for the products coming this August. While on the hand, if you buy a Galaxy phone, you qualify for a $100 credit on Samsung.com for purchasing eligible products. Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Bud’s reservations also qualify for recognition of $50 and $30 separately.

The Take Away:

This information leaves us with the motto of this event. Unlike Samsung, we won’t leave this story in a cliffhanger, i.e., Samsung will release at least one smartphone phone, a new iteration of smartwatch, and most likely the Galaxy Buds. Our money is on the Pro variants, accompanying other devices.

Although the “next Galaxy” reservation system is similarly unclear as the mysteries surrounding the additional devices that could be launched apart from the ones we mentioned, the offers are most certain.

Galaxy Event Schedule & Information:

Samsung plans to reveal and unfold the Unpacked Event at 9 a.m. ET/6 a.m., PT/2 p.m. BST on August 10. This event will follow the path of the previous events and be virtual. 

Apple of the eye will be the clamshell-designed foldable smartphones to come along pre-bundled with Google’s designated interpretation of Android 12L with One UI 4.1.1. expectedly, also with the Galaxy Flip 4 being the center of attraction, capturer of hearts & minds of the people.

We have provided links for you for more info & to watch the event live.