Samsung’s Plans: One UI 5, Tizen, Telehealth, SmartThings Energy, And More

Samsung developer conference 2022 will happen in Moscone North in San Fransisco and online, so non of its fan should miss the conference. It will be conducted on the 12th of October. The company will reveal several technical aspects and many exciting things; as the brand states at the conference, “ This year’s reveal is bigger than ever. You won’t want to miss it. Samsung also revealed that this event would contain its latest advanced software and next-level technology

This SDC 2022 will be conducted with Samsung’s most influential personalities:

  • Jonghee Han
  • Sebastian Seung
  • Yongjae Kim
  • Sang Kim
  • Jaeyeon Jung
  • Sally Hyesoon Jeong
  • Mark Benson
  • Anil Yadav
  • Shin Baik

One UI 5

The One UI 5 is one of the hottest topics in the Galaxy world of smartphones, as users are curious about what features are offered with this new UI. Now it seems that they are coming on their way as the company will show all the features and final look of its new UI. As per the information, this new UI will enhance personalization with productivity and provide new features that will help show users’ styles wherever and whenever. Well, there is a strong chance that the company will release this UI on the same day as the conference.

SmartThings Find

According to Samsung, this feature has been used by more than 200 million galaxy users, and now there are some more features will be loaded. This service’s main purpose is to search users’ Galaxy devices with the help of other devices.

Tizen for Entrepresises

With this session, Samsung will enhance this OS which will work on many other products with next-level results. Well, this session will mainly focus on the entrepreneurs as this operating system will contain different features like The Samsung Developer Site as B2B developer support, The Samsung Seller Site as custom App support.

Apart from it, there will be one more session that will talk about the exclusive parts of Tizen with the IoT platform. This time Samsung introduced its UI assistant technology with a 3D frame for a better user experience. It will also introduce “Matter” with Tizen and give guides and tips for application development.


This unique feature will be for Smart TVs and Monitors, which will support telemedicine service where users can choose their physician and call with an external camera device like a PC/mobile through USB due to which sessions can be started any time and then you can buy the prescribed medicines through Online Pharmacy by filling the prescription through the mail.

SmartThings Energy

According to this session, Samsung will move the conference towards energy management which is essential thing for the betterment of the ecosystem.

As per the schedule, which will also be available online by streaming on devices and the conference will be as follows

Keynote Live Streaming (10:00-11:20)

Deal with advanced software with a smarter, safer, and personally connected future with the betterment of the ecosystem.

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