New Update For Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: September 2022 Patches Arrive In The US [Unlocked]

Samsung recently published a new software update for the Galaxy S10 Lite that is primarily concerned with the topic of recurring security. The update is available for unlocked variant of the device in the US.

Android security updates for September 2022 are included in the upgrade for the Galaxy S10 Lite that corresponds to the G770U1UEU6GVI1 version. The One UI 4.1 and Android 12 continue to serve as the software foundation. The is also eligible for Android 13-based One UI 5.0 but no further software news would be planned.

The latest September security patches and also fixes more than 24 vulnerabilities: MTP driver issues have been fixed, memory access errors in various functions, improper access control, SystemUI privilege issues, and issues in Photo Editor, a bug that could have allowed an attacker to initiate emergency calls remotely and beyond. This time, none is marked as critical among the several vulnerabilities cited by Samsung.

You can check for updates through the following function:

  1. Go to Settings (by clicking on the gear icon that appears at the bottom right after lowering the notification dropper twice)
  2. Select Software Update
  3. Click Download and Install

Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network or have enough data available if you use your cellular connection.

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