Samsung Expert RAW App Update Brings Astrophotography To The Galaxy S22

The South Korean juggernaut claimed to have considerably enhanced the Samsung Galaxy S22’s low-light camera capability, yet no astrophotography features were offered at launch.

Samsung is filling this gap by updating its Expert RAW camera software and adding more sophisticated settings to the Camera Assistant app.

The Expert RAW app’s Astrophoto feature allows fans to capture clear, vivid images of stars, constellations, and other nighttime activities. Users can find the locations of constellations, star clusters, and nebulae in the celestial vault with the new Sky Guide feature. The camera’s sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms may take pictures that appear to have been taken with high-end photographic equipment.

The brand-new software also includes the Multi-Exposure feature, which enables users to take many pictures of the same scene and then combine them to create spectacular photographs.

The most recent version of the Samsung Expert RAW app allows access to the Astrophoto and Multi-Exposure features from the Special Photos area.

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