Bespoke: A New Way To Customize The Home Appliances On Your Own

The South Korean tech company Samsung always heads up to provide a better and enhanced lifestyle to its consumers. Samsung Electronics “Bespoke Home Appliances” is an excellent step in this direction. With its help, users can choose more personalized designs and functions for their devices. To show the accomplishments of this product series, the company has shared the product experience of users from all across the world.

In Singapore, the company introduced the Bespoke Disney Collection back in August to showcase the local customer’s love for the Disney Characters. Some appliances in this collection have got the design of popularly-loved Disney characters so that the users can memorize the childhood wonders. Those catchy and unique designs of appliances are attracting local consumers towards it.

IMG – Samsung Newsroom

Coming to the Indonesian market, Samsung has launched limited-edition designs of Bespoke refrigerators and AirDressor with two Indonesian illustrators’ help to celebrate its 77th independence day. Those designs highlight their cultural and ethnic diversity. While in South Africa, the Bespoke Home Challenge will take place again for two weeks, in which contestants will build their ideal Kitchen and Living Space. The winners will be announced on the rise of 2023.

In the United States, the company has collaborated with Lowe’s to launch a limited-edition collection of panels for Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator, which is exclusively available at Lowe’s. The company is also launching new MyBespoke panels that will allow U.S. users to make the Bespoke refrigerators suitable for their day-to-day lifestyles.

In the Poland market, Samsung has auctioned off a Bespoke refrigerator designed by French artist Thibaud Hérem at the leading auction house of the country, “DESA Unicum”. On the other hand, in Mexico, the company has opened a Bespoke Home Flagship Store in Mexico City. The store offers a wide range of Bespoke Appliances in addition to refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and more, so the customers can find everything in the same place.

Leaving the other countries behind, three of Samsung’s Bespoke Appliances won gold in the product designing category at the 200 Australian Good Design Awards. The Award is considered the highest honor in the country. And in South Korea, the home of Samsung, users are enjoying the Home Meta service. The Metaverse launched by Samsung is based on the 3D experience that will allow users to choose products similar to their homes.

In other regions, including the U.S., users can experience the Bespoke Virtual Showroom, which will give a virtual journey to the consumers through a true-to-life Bespoke showroom. Those mentioned scenarios prove that Bespoke is expanding its capabilities of Home Appliances all across the world to provide suitable tastes to its customers of all countries.

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