Samsung Bixby 2023 update introduces new smart features

Samsung has introduced the Bixby app, which enables voice assistants; the company has introduced this feature for its Galaxy devices to compete with other voice assistants available in the market, including Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. But if we talk about the current status of this voice assistant, it does not work as smoothly as others; it only provides as many features as we get in other voice assistant apps.

What’s new in Samsung Bixby version

Therefore, Samsung is constantly updating its Bixby app to make it more capable and provide more functionalities that enhance the experience of Galaxy users. To keep the continuity, Samsung has now released a new update for the Bixby app; it comes with version number

The latest update comes in the 56.51MB software package, and Samsung has introduced some new features. For now, the ‘talk to Bixby without wake-up’ feature is working with any 3rd party app of your choice; this feature is supported by the device running on Android 13 or higher.

The ‘Voice Filter’ feature is now introduced, improving speech recognition performance in a noisy environment. Bixby has now enhanced its analysis process and recommends automation routines based on your past device control commands.

Do more with Bixby! Here’s what’s new:  
• 'Talk to Bixby without wake-up' feature now works with any 3rd party phone application of your choice
When you answer the phone with your preferred app set as the default phone app in device settings, say “Answer phone” right away without any “Hi, Bixby” wake-up.
* This feature is supported by devices with Android 13 version or higher.
* Supported Languages : Korean, English (United States)
• Voice Filter - Improves speech recognition performance in noisy environments by filtering out other people's voices and background noise.
* This feature is automatically activated when 'Respond to my voice' and 'On-device mode' are turned ON in Bixby settings
* Supported Languages : Korean, English (United States)
• Bixby now recommends automation routines based on your past device control commands
When a device control command is detected multiple times, Bixby recommends the command as an automation routine.
* Only ON/OFF toggle operations on SmartThings registered devices are supported.
* If you register a routine recommended by Bixby, it will be also be added to the automated routine list in the SmartThings app.
Additionally, functional improvements and bug fixes have been applied.

Samsung device users can easily install the latest update of the Bixby app through the Galaxy store. It will work as before after installing successfully; one thing you have to make sure of is that your device has Android 13 on board; otherwise, your device isn’t available for some new features mentioned above.

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