Samsung TV Plus app reaches other manufacturer’s TVs as well

The South Korean tech firm Samsung is slowly spreading its feet all over the tech market. Previously from hardware elements and smart devices to applications, Samsung provided service in every field. Recently news came that revealed that Samsung is making its free streaming application TV Plus to other brands or manufacturers’ Television devices as well, so let’s take a look at the complete report. 

As per the media tech reporter Janko Roettgers, Samsung is planning to expand its TV Plus application to TCL TVs too. Let us inform you that it is Samsung’s streaming app which has numerous free channels in it. It was first introduced in 2015, and afterward, it started coming pre-installed on Samsung’s Televisions. It also lets its user flip the channel exactly as we can do on traditional Television devices. 

TV Plus has 1600 channels in 24 countries

According to the report of TheVerge, back in August, the company added some popular shows such as Top Gear, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, NCIS, and Chicago Fire to this application. It has a total of 1600 channels in about 24 countries, of which 220 channels are in the US. In this app, there are plenty of local and nationwide channels along with Samsung’s self-made. 

Currently, the TV Plus application is available on Galaxy devices, the web, and some select Family Hub refrigerators, and it will expand to others as well in the future because the company intends to do so. However, the company is not planning to give the whole TV Plus application to a third party but intends to provide some channels only. So, it can be seen if it becomes successful or not. 

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