Samsung and Check Point Software Team Up to Improve Mobile Security

The security of any device, including tablets, mobile, or laptops, is the biggest challenge of today’s era. To enhance it, the manufacturers use new ideas simultaneously, and so does Samsung. Notably, Samsung always brings new features and services to its devices, so its users’ data will be safe and unreachable from any data theft. They have again done something similar for users’ safety, but this time it is a partnership.

Let us inform you recently, the South Korean tech firm Samsung has collaborated with the American-Israeli multinational Check Point. This partnership has been done to offer their users a more secure and trustworthy mobile ecosystem. In particular, Check Point Harmony Mobile will be integrated with Samsung Knox to prevent the installation of any malicious applications and block them from interfering with other applications.

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According to a survey of the cybersecurity company, at present, approx 97% of work organizations are facing mobile malware threat issues. It has been expected, till the year 2024, the home office modality will reach up to 60%. Conclusively, the organizations and their equipment’s security should be our topmost priority. Hence, Check Point has joined hands with the market leader Samsung.

This new solution generated through Samsung and Checkpoint’s partnership joins up the advanced integration between Samsung Knox Manage and Check Point Harmony Mobile. The Harmony Mobile will update every device’s real-time security posture to Knox Manage, and then Knox Manage will allow secure access to a corporate app, so they can prevent threats and attacks such as phishing and identify theft.

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With the Samsung Knox Manage and Harmony Mobile working together, malware prevention will be easier. It will not only be beneficial to the organizations but provide device-level security as well. In simple words, this solution prevents your device from installing any malware application and can’t let them run on their device.

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