Unlocked Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 get February 2023 update in the US

A couple of days ago, the Korean tech giant started rolling out the latest February 2023 security patch update for its Galaxy devices before Google. And the Galaxy Note 20 series is the first to get the update and later expand to other devices.

Now, Samsung is pushing out the February 2023 security update for its third-generation foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 in the US. The update includes improved system performance and stability and enhanced security. It’s great to see Samsung rolling out timely updates to its flagship devices, as this ensures that users have the latest security patches installed on their phones. 

The carrier-unlocked units of Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are receiving the update in the United States with firmware versions F926U1UES2EWA6 and F711U1UES3EWA6respectively. The update is currently available for Verizon, Xfinity Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Bluegrass Cellular, Comcast, Dish, and MetroPCS. And it will soon make available for more Galaxy devices.

This update includes patches for many vulnerabilities, including five critical, 43 High, 0 moderate & 8 Already included in previous updates, also 4 Not applicable to Samsung devices. Moreover, Samsung has addressed some security loopholes and variabilities in several functions and apps such as WindowManagerService, UwbDataTxStatusEvent, Secure Folder, Phone application, Contacts, Fingerprint, etc. Samsung claims that all the mentioned apps and functions are now fixed and safe to use, and the company also promises that if there is any bug left apart from this, it will surely fix it in another update.

Please note that this update is only for unlocked devices in the US. If you have a carrier-locked device, you will need to wait for your carrier to push the update to your device.

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