Samsung TV Plus expands its free channel lineup with five new additions in the USA

Samsung TV Plus is a free video streaming service by Samsung; it provides 200+ channels, which offer a variety of content for every age group of audience, and successfully running in the USA. Now the company is planning to introduce five new shows, in the next few months, from the two are confirmed to go live next month. As of recent developments, Samsung is aggressively working to make the TV app more strong, so it can give a tough fight to the existing rivals in the industry.

As of now, there are two big rivals, including Amazon and Netflix, which holds the biggest share in the video streaming industry, now Samsung also wants to grab this market, so the company is very actively working to make its video streaming app better day by day. Let’s discuss the new channels which will be available in the USA.

According to the information, these new channels are going live this month:

  1. The Price is Right: This channel will feature the longest-running game show where the audience member tries to win cash and prizes.
  2. Divorce Court: This channel features the drama of a lively courtroom show that will feature the hearing of cases and solving them within the court, it will surely give you enjoyment when you see the settlement of different cases, and it guarantees that you will surely get laughter, tears, truth with experiencing all the realness.
  3. Jamie Oliver: Jamie Oliver, the Global cooking sensation, is his own all-day-long cooking show channel; it will feature all the simple, quick, and no-fuss recipes, so basically, you can enjoy as well as learn about new recipes in this dedicated cooking channel.

Women’s history month will be available from March

With these three channels mentioned above, Samsung TV Plus will also introduce two more channels that are dedicated to women on the occasion of the celebration of Women’s History Month; let’s know about them:

Leading ladies on the movie hub: On the occasion of women’s history month, the movie Hub will feature all the films which are led by the famous ladies of Hollywood. For example, you will see Jessica Chastain in the American crime drama lawless and the two-time Golden Globe winner Amy Adams in Vice. Moreover, viewers will also have access to some of the most intriguing performances on the big screen.

Leading Ladies Marathon on FilmRise Free Movies: This channel will also feature movies which famous actresses lead; for example, you will able to watch movies which are Goldberg, Kate Hudson, and many more, more over there are several movies will be broadcast all day, including Mother, Madame Bovary, Gang of Roses, Mrs. Dalloway, and After the Storm.

Furthermore, Samsung is providing quality content to the audience by actively introducing new shows for the native citizens. The company has aggressively expanded its service word wide; for example, a few days ago, Samsung added some new shows to its Samsung TV Plus for the Australian region and it is giving tough competition to the existing streaming platforms and gradually gaining popularity.

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