Now Samsung Digital Plaza’ to known as ‘Samsung Store’

The South Korean firm Samsung has many offline stores located in the departmental store and hypermarkets. Samsung has recently renamed those offline stores along with its 360 digital plazas nationwide. From March 8th, 2023, these offline stores and 360 digital plazas nationwide will be known as ‘Samsung Stores’. The company expected a beneficial outcome from these name changes. Let’s take a look at the complete report.

Let us inform you the company has not only changed the name of its retail stores, but their atmosphere also seems to be changed. In addition, the reorganization of the online store ‘’ also has been planned. Informatively, these Samsung Stores will provide region-wise content and programs that will be based on ‘One Samsung’, which will aim to deliver a hyper-connected experience.

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It has been expected that this name change will bring some positive outcomes to the company’s wealth, such as will strengthen the brand image of Samsung, which became outdated with Galaxy, Bespoke, SmartThings, and Lifestyle TVs. The name changes will rebrand Samsung’s Samsung Store as a place where one can get a customized and differentiated customer experience.

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To make it possible, Samsung will strengthen its partnership with its partners so that they can form a complex cultural space. Notably, the rebranded Samsung Store buildings will also be changed, which will get various sustainable features and enhanced technologies. Kang Bong-goo, the Vice President of Samsung Electronics Korea, has recently given a statement in that manner.

“The ‘Samsung Store’, which has been newly changed in 23 years, will be transformed into a local landmark that offers a younger and unique pleasure by carefully reflecting what customers want.”

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