Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ grabs new software update in Canada

After distributing the February 2023 security update for its eligible Galaxy devices, now the update is available for the old devices; the company is rolling out the security update for the Galaxy Note 10 smartphones.

Currently, the Galaxy Note 10 series devices are receiving the update in Canada; users can easily identify the February 2023 security update of Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ by the build version number N970WVLU7HWB2 and N975WVLU7HWB2 respectively. It is worth noticing that the update has previously been available in several countries, including Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Trinidad And Tobago and the US.

The February 2023 update is a general security update that fixes the issues related to the security of the device, and sometimes it also includes improvements that enhance the performance and stability of the device.

According to official documentation from Samsung, the February 2023 security update includes several patches, which are added by Google and Samsung both. Generally, Google introduces patches that aim to fix the security vulnerabilities present in the Android OS; on the other hand, Samsung also adds some patches that resolve the issues which are related to Galaxy devices.

The Galaxy Note 10 was introduced in the market back in 2019, and the device came with Android 9, which was the latest Android OS of that time. Later, the device received three more Android updates and currently running on Android 12, which is the last major update of the device; however, it is still eligible for more minor updates like February 2023 update, which will be available in the future.

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