Telegram 9.6 update brings Shareable Chat Folders, Custom Wallpapers, and More

Telegram’s developer team released a new update for all Android and iOS users. And this is the third largest update of the year, and the app introduces with it a good number of new features.

Telegram has recently started to receive a new update that brings the app to version 9.6, introducing many new features for everyone and some reserved only for subscribers to the “Premium” service. This update lets users share entire chat folders with one link, create custom wallpapers for individual chats, use web apps in any chat, and more.

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Shareable Chat Folders

With the ability to share links, chat folders may now be used to invite friends and coworkers to various work groups, news channel collections, and other things. They can quickly add the folder and join all of its chats with just one tap.

Each chat folder supports multiple invite links allowing access to different chats. When creating a link, select the chats you’d like to include – and give it a unique name to match, like Interns or Managers.

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You can include any public chats, as well as any chats where you have the admin rights to add people.If you add more chats to your folder and update its link, members will see a suggestion to join the new chats.

  • To create a folder
  • Open Settings
  • Chat Folders
  • For more details, see our in-depth guide on Shareable Folders.

Custom Wallpapers

The development team has recently added the option to customize chat backgrounds by selecting an image from your gallery.

The new “Choose a background from gallery” option is available when changing the background of a chat. It lets you select an image, modify its brightness, and activate blur or motion effects.

A notice will also be sent to the interlocutor when the backdrop is set, and he can choose to add the same background to his chat with the user.

To set the custom background in any single chat:

  • On Android, just tap the three-till button and select “Set background.”
  • On iOS, just tap on the name of the interlocutor, tap on “Other,” and then on “Change Background”.

Better Bots

One of the main “pluses” of the Telegram app, without a doubt, is bots, and with the most recent upgrade, they are even more potent.

They can host web applications, enabling users to access services and tools. Web apps can now be opened in any chat by tapping on a direct link or mentioning the bot’s username in any Telegram discussion.

Web apps enable multiplayer and collaborative capabilities for group members if you start out in a group.

Fast Scrolling for Attachments

The attachment menu now scrolls at super-fast speeds, just like Shared Media. Pull down on the date bar to time travel.

Other news

In addition to the new features covered so far, the new update adds other small new features that we report below.

  • Reading confirmations with the time in the topics
  • In groups with fewer than 100 members for which topics are enabled, reading confirmations also show the time when messages were read by other members of the group.
  • More news for bots
  • With the new update, bots can use collectible usernames and links without the suffix “-bot.”
  • Telegram Premium via Fragment
  • You can now purchase the Premium subscription for yourself or others (as a gift) through Fragment, the platform that facilitates the transaction of collectibles (NFTs) between users.

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