Samsung Multi Control brings new connectivity features with the latest version

Samsung is always trying to introduce new enhancements to its device’s functions, so it frequently brings new updates and ensures that its users get up-to-date functionalities; now, following the same policy, it realized the new update for the Multi control lets know more about it.

Samsung updates its Multi Control app

Multi control is an inbuilt application of Samsung which helps to slide the cursor from screen to screen and control Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book with just one keyboard. The latest update is now available with version number 

The update brings some new features, such as now you can easily input text on Galaxy Book’s keyboard, and it also allows you to copy and paste text and images between Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book, as well as you can also drag and drop files between devices. However, all these features may vary by model.

To take advantage of all these features, you have to take care of these things

  • Multi-control settings should be “On”
  • Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book should be signed in with the same Samsung Account.

The new update is available in a file size of 8.16 MB as this is an exclusive application of Samsung so users are only able to update it through the Galaxy store

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