Android Auto users facing connection issues after latest updates of 2023

The Android Auto platform has had a history of experiencing malfunctions, and Google’s attempts to fix bugs often result in introducing new ones. According to reports from users, the latest issue with Android Auto is the inability to connect or frequent unexpected disconnections. Various discussions on Reddit and posts on Google support forums indicate that many users have been facing problems with their Android Auto connections in the past couple of weeks.

Several users have expressed frustration over their smartphones failing to initiate Android Auto on their car’s display, regardless of whether they use wired or wireless connections. This inconvenience was initially observed in early May and has persisted through versions 9.4, 9.5, and 9.6 of Android Auto. Some users have found success by reverting back to version 9.3.

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Furthermore, the most recent updates to Android Auto are responsible for sporadic disconnections, especially when using wired connections. One user reported that the issue did not occur when using the Motorola MA1 wireless adapter.

As of now, Google has not confirmed the release of a fix for these problems. Users can only wait for a future update, hoping it will not bring another bug.

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