Samsung should make these major changes in One UI 6.0 with Android 14

The name Samsung is well known worldwide; it is the leading mobile brand and popular mobile manufacturer, often offering reliable features that distinguish them from others. But changes are always necessary to adapt to the current environment. So this multinational brand should bring enhancements in the next One UI 6 updates for the Android 14 framework.

The new updated version of One UI 6 will be available for use in next upcoming year, accompanying the Android 14 with some exciting features. One UI has always been a key factor in Samsung’s success story and has always been a factor in increasing the customer rate towards Samsung. Even if it is the greatest, there are still several things that might be changed for the future version. The three major changes that should be included in the newer version of One UI 6 are:

When could Samsung One UI 6.0 with Android 14 arrive

Removal of duplicate applications: Duplicate applications means an unnecessary application filed for the same benefit or the same period of incapacity for which the prior claim has already been made. Every phone has some duplicate applications, like having two calendars, email, music, and video player applications. This is nothing but unnecessary storage, so Samsung should make a way to remove these applications, which have an alternative one.

Large folding screens: One of the top manufacturers of smartphones with huge, foldable screens is Samsung, which makes models like the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 4. There are still certain aspects of One UI that appear too tiny or awkwardly positioned since it has not yet fully adapted to these formats. We expect that One UI 6.0 incorporates the design enhancements that Android 14 introduces for big and flexible screens to provide a more welcoming and useful experience for these devices.

Advanced customization options: Even though One UI offers many customized options regarding theme, font, style, and icons. It may even go further and let users change things like the color of the status bar, how the notification panel looks, or how the control center looks.

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