Samsung Electronics Home Appliances Division Secures AI Management System Certification

According to a recent publication from Samsung Newsroom, the home appliances division of Samsung Electronics obtained Korea’s Artificial Intelligence Management System Certification. This was certified under ISO/IEC 42001 – An international standard established by the International Organisation for Standardisation(ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for AI-related practices to ensure that the manufactured product doesn’t go against environmental and human activities.

The ISO/IEC 42001 accreditation is relevant to businesses that care about responsibly reacting and managing AI-related risks and ethics when the manufacturer creates and offers AI-related products and services. And Samsung got this credential for its home appliance this week. Coming to the process of granting this certificate, In order to determine if AI-related security, fairness, transparency, and data dependability were effectively handled throughout the lifecycle of AI household appliances and services, from planning to development to mass manufacturing to disposal, the Korean Standards Association reviewed and certified the products.

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Including robot vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers, a total of 14 variants of AI appliances and services received AI+ Certification. Another similar certification, AI Reliability Certificate, was provided to robot vacuum cleaners and SmartThing household products for their quality and reliable function. Bespoke Jetbot AI, the robot vacuum cleaner, is considered the best product of all with its exclusive features.

Object recognition as Jet Bot’s powerful 3D camera and LIDAR sensors identify objects.
Precise Navigation as LIDAR sensors create accurate room maps to navigate
Voice Recognition for easy cleaning

Vice President of Samsung Electronics Yu Mi Young further stated,”We will continue to apply fair and transparent AI. In addition to creating technology, we will strive to fulfil our responsibilities by considering the impact of AI technology on consumers’ daily lives and society.”

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