Galaxy Z Fold 6 might have a significant design update; Unlike the Z Fold 5

Although Samsung hasn’t yet released the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to the global market, rumours about the Galaxy Z Fold 6 have already surfaced on social media. Rumours have spread about the specifications and features of this upcoming future smartphone. Take this with a grain of salt just to be safe, but Twitter tipster Tech Reve(@Tech_reve), whose track record isn’t perfect, claims that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will include more noteworthy improvements in comparison to its predecessor than the Galaxy Z Fold 5 does in comparison to the Z Fold 4.

The main improvement that will be worth waiting for is the tweak in the cover screen’s aspect ratio of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. If Samsung doesn’t use large top and bottom bezels for the inner foldable screen as Google does. The logic behind this is that changing the aspect ratio of one display would also result in a change in the aspect ratio of another. The change mentioned here may be that the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s cover screen is broader rather than narrower.

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The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is said to employ the same image sensor as the Z Fold 5. The latter is said to have a 50 MP main camera. Additionally, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 may come in cue design from Google, which would be a more intriguing move. It is also expected that Samsung would take some design cues from its partner and make the Galaxy Z Fold 6 broader as Google’s first folding phone, the Pixel Fold, which has a wider aspect ratio than Samsung’s foldable phone.

But the information released may alter because it is conceivable that Samsung is still experimenting with thoughts and ideas for the next model, which will launch in 2024. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is anticipated for its release in the Unpacked Event in Seoul, South Korea, at the end of July.

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