Samsung requests that China continue to receive semiconductor shipments from the US

According to industry insiders on Monday, under mounting pressure from the escalating US-China rivalry, South Korean chipmakers have allegedly asked the US government to take into account an indefinite exemption on export limits to China. It is said that Samsung and other South Korean businesses have asked the US government to take into account extending the Exemption from semiconductor export rules to China. The strain that these businesses are under as a result of the US-China tensions would be somewhat lessened by doing this.

The reports suggest that South Korean semiconductor producers have asked the US Department of Commerce for permission to provide China with equipment made in the US so that the Western superpower is not cut off from the nation’s tax income currency rate, as reported by professional sources. During the initial US trade restrictions in 2020, Samsung, LG, and SK Hynix were among the South Korean firms that ceased providing electronic components to Chinese manufacturers.

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The Commerce Department subsequently started to relax its prohibitions on Samsung and some Western firms like AMD and Intel. An official one-year exemption allows South Koreans to advertise without the need for a license for primary manufacturers in China, Samsung and SK Hynix. A production plant in Xian City, China, is where Samsung makes about 40% of NAND memory chips, and Wuxi is where SK Hynix holds half of its DRAM memory manufacturing.

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The firm in Suzhou also has a plant for packing semiconductors. An industry official stated,”Seeking renegotiation (with the US government) to get a one-year waiver imposes a heavier burden on companies to make extra efforts, and causes a greater hardship to set a long-term business plan since nothing is guaranteed,” on the condition of anonymity.

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