Samsung Enhances Automotive V920 Processors with AMD-based Xclipse GPU

Exynos Auto V920, built on the 5nm technology, is the successor of the Exynos Auto V9 chip that was introduced a few years ago and has been utilized in Audi vehicles, and it was only recently announced by Samsung. It replaces the Exynos Auto V9, which was introduced a few years ago and was employed in Audi vehicles. These days, additional details regarding this CPU have been revealed. The updated chip features additional CPU cores and a very powerful Xclipse GPU built on the AMD Radeon RDNA2 architecture, which was used in Exynos 2200 smartphone chip.

As compared to the Exynos Auto V9 of the previous generation, the Exynos Auto V920’s 10-crore Cortex-A78EA CPU, according to Samsung, promises a performance boost of 70%. Future Hyundai vehicles, scheduled for introduction in 2025, will employ this new Exynos Auto processor to power the infotainment system. Earlier, the Mali GPU from ARM was employed by the Exynos Auto processor. A built-in DSP(Digital Signal Processor) for audio processing is one of the Exynos Auto V920’s additional features with three HiFi cores.

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A dual-core NPU (Neural Processing Unit) that can execute both Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) tasks at up to 23.1 TOPS is also included in the Exynos Auto V920. Real-time object recognition in the camera view enables the provision of intelligent and autonomous driving features. Additionally, the processor features 144 dB HDR functionality and can accommodate up to 12 camera sensors at once so that driving performance will not have any issues in low light.

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For increased safety, the chip contains inbuilt safety islands that received the ASIL-B (Automotive Safety Integrity Level B) certification; severity classification is achieved. Aside from two 10Gbps 2x USXGMII/SGMII/RGMII Ethernet connections, the device supports LPDDR5 DRAM and UFS 3.1 storage.

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