Samsung offers an interactive yoga experience on televisions with YogiFi

Samsung always surprises its audiences by organizing several health initiatives through its manufacturing products. For customers who live in the modern era and frequently lead unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles, the accessibility of extensive yoga content with quick feedback on posture correction is absolutely necessary. The YogiFi app makes this purpose possible. Everyone can gain knowledge from guided lessons, tailored sessions, real-time feedback, and health monitoring using the YogiFi app on Samsung smart TVs.

For the first time, Samsung, the biggest consumer electronics company in India, offers interactive yoga to its customers through its television. The world’s first AI-enabled yoga mat will be paired with Samsung smart TVs. Samsung has exclusively collaborated with YogiFi, the award-winning flagship product of health-tech firm Wellnesys Technologies. A 21-day program with the contents of yoga asanas on the app with three modes, beginner level, intermediate level and advanced levels, for a holistic yoga experience and paves the way for practising yoga in the tech way.

Dipesh Shah, Head of the India Consumer Experience Team at Samsung, stated that” At Samsung, we understand consumers’ desire for holistic health and fitness. Our partnership with YogiFi to make yoga more accessible for consumers is a part of our vision to bring calm to the connected world so that devices and innovation can enable better, more personal, and more intuitive multi-device experiences.”

Starting with this year’s Samsung smart TVs, NEO QLED 4K and 8K TVs, OLED TV, and Crystal 4K UHD TV range will first receive access to the YogiFi app, followed by previous year’s TV models. The close collaboration between SRI-Delhi and YogiFi to bring on this initiative in India.

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Muralidhar Somisetty, Founder & CEO Wellnesys India, has said that “At YogiFi, we are on a global mission to integrate yoga using AI into everyone’s daily lifestyle to promote physical and mental wellbeing. By partnering with Samsung, a pioneer in the television segment, we aspire to elevate at-home yoga experience for every individual and maximise the impact of our mission to create a healthy community with stronger immunity.”

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