Gangnam Welcomes Samsung’s New Superstore in Korea Before Galaxy Unpacked Event

Samsung is getting ready to build a new experimental flagship shop in the Gangnam District only a few weeks before it unveils its newest mobile devices at Unpacked in South Korea. On June 29 at 5 PM, Samsung intends to debut the shop, which it characterizes as a “play spot for the MZ generation.” The six-storey Samsung Gangnam shop near Gangnam Station, will feature the newest gadgets from the Korean Tech firm, including smartphones, wearables, and home appliances. Visitors will be able to experience everything Samsung on each of its six stories, including the basement level.

Samsung Electronics will square off against Apple by opening a brand-new style of offline store within 600 metres from its competitor. This soon-to-open is envisioned as a playground and is intended to appeal to Korea’s younger generations, who lately have tended to favour Apple’s iPhone over Samsung’s Galaxy. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from Samsung Gangnam to Apple’s sixth retail location.

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Through 18 G-LIGHT and 9 significant display boards located around Gangnam-daero, Samsung Electronics launched a teaser film for “Samsung Gangnam” on the 20th. In order to draw customers in, the whole exterior wall of the “Samsung Gangnam” store, which is getting ready to open, was wrapped. Employees from Samsung Gangnam will share some behind-the-scenes stories with customers from the creation of goods and services.

An official from Samsung Electronics stated that” Samsung Gangnam is a mecca of new and enjoyable experiences for MZ customers , and will be a playground where they can freely find it at any time . It will be a special space to create a unique bond with the people.”

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