Samsung updates its stock apps for a better calling and massaging experience

Communication technology has advanced a lot with the times. Nowadays, there are several apps available that offer messaging and calling services on a single platform like WhatsApp. They can easily connect to each other without any charge. However, there are some limitations to it; if you are out of the internet, you cannot connect to another person. Here the main role comes from the stock call and massing apps. 

Samsung provides its own design Phone app and Messaging app, which works offline and depends on your top-up plans and network operator. 

Samsung Phone app is the basic app for calling, but it also provides some important functions like viewing recent history, blocking spam calls and text messages, adding new contacts, and many more. While the Messages app provides text messaging services, for a better experience, you will get some important features like MMS, sticker store, block messages, etc. Now to provide a better experience, Samsung has rolled out new updates for the apps.

Samsung’s Phone app and Messages apps get new update

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the Phone app and Messages app with new firmware version numbers 14.1.31 and, respectively. With the latest update, Samsung doesn’t attach any changelog, so it can be said that the new update doesn’t bring any innovation for the apps, but it may include some improvements for the functions, which makes the apps more comfortable.

Samsung Galaxy users can easily update these applications via the Galaxy store, or alternatively, you can also download the updated apps from the APKmirror. For Samsung Phone- Tap here, and for Samsung Messages- Tap here.

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