WhatsApp testing the Pin Message time duration feature

WhatsApp Pin feature is very useful for people who operate groups, it allows them to highlight the important message to all the members, and when any message is pinned, it shows up on the top chat screen, and it can be easy to read. Now to enhance its functionality Whatsapp is testing the duration of the pin feature.

WhatsApp Pin feature gets a new utility 

Earlier, when you pin the message in a grouch, which can be an important announcement or important information about any particular event, it should also be removed by you manually before it gets old. But with the coming updates, WhatsApp will give you the option to choose how much time your pinned message will be shown to the members, and then it will be removed automatically. According to WhatsAppinfo, there will be three options available for setting the timing of the feature, including 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. It is also worth noting that after setting any of the time, you can also unpin the message before the chosen duration expires.

WhatsApp is planning to integrate multi accounts functionality

Currently, this feature is available for WhatsApp beta users. The feature is available on the latest beta version, So If you are already a beta tester, you can easily use the latest feature by installing the latest update through Google Play Store. But in case you haven’t enrolled in the beta program, you can now enroll in the beta program through this link.

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