Samsung Camera Assistant App will be available for Galaxy devices with One UI upgrades

Several rumors and sources revealed the features and release date of the One UI 6 beta, but Samsung has yet to reveal any information. The most anticipated arrival, the One UI 6 Android 14 update, is likely to come into usage in July. Recent information from a community provider revealed two exciting news that benefits Galaxy users.

During the rollout of Android 14-based One UI 6, the Camera Assistant app will be made available for the Galaxy S20 FE (with One UI 5) and Galaxy A series. A community moderator recently stated that Camera Assistant’s distribution and a One UI upgrade are scheduled for the S20 FE and Galaxy A series.

To get more knowledge about Camera Assistant features, it is a crucial tool for Samsung smartphone users who want to take, edit, and share photos and videos, giving them a finish of a professional look. With its user-friendly UI, users can elevate their smartphone photography to new levels of sophisticated shooting modes with the help of the software, which provides built-in filters, editing tools, and intelligent features.

List of Galaxy phones that have Camera Assistant App support

This Samsung software aims to give Galaxy users everything that is necessary to bring out beautiful clips and films with a variety of unique tools and capabilities on their mobile devices. This feature was provided to Galaxy users by Samsung along with its One UI 5, but customers should have more patience to implement the Camera Assistant in their devices. The main aim of the Samsung Camera Assistant App is to improve the shooting experience of Galaxy smartphone users.

By October of this year, Samsung Android 14 rollout initiation is expected to begin, whereas by November or December, several smartphones in the Galaxy A series lineup this year.

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