Samsung’s Struggle to Maintain Global Smartphone Market Share

Samsung has become a household name when it comes to smartphones, probably the first brand of smartphone that most people should have brought. Being a leading manufacturer, it will be surprising that Samsung’s market share has been declining, and the major threat is other than its prominent rival, Apple. Apple and Samsung have always competed with each other indirectly through their new launches of iPhones and Galaxy smartphones. An infographic report from Counterpoint Research has revealed the statistics for the first quarter of the previous year.

The market monitor report stated that Samsung was the leading smartphone brand in the globe for Quarter 1 of 2023. Around 280.2 million smartphones were sold worldwide in Q1 2023, and Samsung became the market leader. The growth of Samsung in Q1 2023 was mainly due to the popularity of its mid-range A series and recently released S23 series. The Galaxy S23 series greatly helped Samsung to hold its top position. As for Apple, with the least Year-over-Year growth shipment loss, the firm had its highest-ever market share of 21% in Q1.

China and India significantly aided OnePlus’ growth, making it of the top-ten smartphone brand that grew quickly and got recognition internationally. The Middle East and Africa (MEA) market saw the only single-digit fall in regional performance, at 8%, even though this was predicated on a modest market size. Russia and Central and Eastern Europe were the main drivers of Europe’s 41% loss, which was the biggest decline of any area and one of the markets where Samsung does really well.

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Further, the Q1 2023 statistics can be summarised by Samsung at the top with 22% of the share in the smartphone market globally, followed by Apple with 21%, and Xiaomi holds the third spot with 11% with just a slight difference with OPPO which holds 10% of share. With market shares of 7% and 5%, Vivo and Honour hold the lowest place.

In Q1 2023, even after coming up with new launches, Samsung’s growth is much greater in comparison with Apple. So it is time for the firm to get concerned about Q2 2023 as Samsung has no new releases during that phase, and it is feared that Samsung may not be able to hold its top position above Apple.

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