Samsung removes the ‘high bitrate videos’ option in 8K 30fps mode with the latest camera update in Galaxy S23

The Galaxy S23 is the latest flagship device of Samsung; it is designed to deliver best-in-class performance in every department, whether its camera unit, screen, or processing; everything is just top of the mark; however, for some reason, the software of the device doesn’t stand good as expected.

After purchasing the device, users faced several problems regarding several software features; most of the irritating bugs appeared in the camera department. The company immediately took steps on it and released two massive camera updates, which brought solutions to several bugs and improved the performance of it.

Now for the security improvements, Samsung recently introduced the July 2023 security patch update to the Galaxy S23 devices; generally, the update includes over 90 security vulnerability fixes that are found in the Android OS. Apart from these, the company hasn’t revealed any specific information about the update through the changelog.

Galaxy S23 Series: One UI 6.0 (Android 14) Update Tracker

But now, according to some people, the latest security update also made changes to the camera software. As per several reports, the update has removed the high-bitrate videos option in 8k 30fps mode. Further, some users have also claimed that the camera app has also been updated from to the version.

The new update doesn’t limit to removing the 8k video quality option, but it has also changed the binary version of the boot loader to 3, which will make it impossible to rollback to the old version, so to enjoy the same quality of 8k, you do not have any option but to wait for the next update.

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