Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Series: Price and Availability

Samsung finally announced the Galaxy Watch 6 series during its launch event in Seoul. Here is everything you need to know about Samsung’s latest smartwatches.

Samsung’s smartwatches have been the best smartwatches in the wearables market. The company has its own operating system, One UI Watch, which offers all the best features and premium functionality, continuing the same philosophy with its new Galaxy Watch 6 lineup, which includes much more interesting and advanced features along with bringing back the iconic Rotating bezel which was removed in the Galaxy Watch 5 series. 

Like the previous Smartwatches model, the Galaxy Watch 6 series is the next iteration included in the Galaxy Watch lineup. The feature which makes the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic standout is the highly requested iconic rotating bezel made up of stainless steel around its display, which gives the Watch a premium and elegant look after the Galaxy Watch 4 series

Samsung is starting the pre-order process for the Galaxy Watch 6 on the 26th of July. The Watch 6 will be available on various carriers, offering you several bonuses and discounts. 

Galaxy Watch 6 Series Price and availability: 

The Galaxy Watch 6 base variant of 40mm starts at $300, while the larger variant of 44mm starts at $330, available in Graphite and Gold colors, respectively. 

While the Classic model of Galaxy Watch 6 series’ entry variant of 43mm will cost you $400, you must pay $430 for the bigger 47mm variant. This model is available in Black and Silver color variants.

Note that the prices mentioned above are only for the Bluetooth-only models, although you have to pay more if you are looking for the cellular models of these smartwatches.

Galaxy Watch 6 Series Availability

The Galaxy Watch 6 series will be available on Samsung’s official website, Amazon, Best Buy, and all other major retail shops. At the same time, the cellular variants of the Watch are going to be available on all the major carriers, including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

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