Another certification shows the design of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag 2 was just spotted on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification website, which hints that the gadget’s launch is near. This time Samsung designed the second generation of SmartTags like more of a pill-shaped device with a much wider keychain loop. SmartTags are powered by Bluetooth and are simple to attach to items like luggage, keys and pets. It is possible to search for the lost item by pressing the button on the phone to locate it. The Galaxy Find Network can use scanned data to locate it even when we’re connected.

Introduced on January 14, 2021, the SmartTag debuted with an introductory price of $29, and the Galaxy SmartTag+ uses Ultra-wideband technology to enable augmented reality (AR) to help locate the missing items, which costs around $39. The gadget has two categories of variants, the first and cheaper – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and the other expensive one – Ultra-wideband technology (UWB). And the SmartTag 2 is listed to be equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 standard and UWB.

Analysing the looks of the gadget from the image shared, the firm is replacing the rectangular form which was earlier used. Now the new edition has bigger slots for keychains, but the accurate size can be determined as no dimensions were mentioned. It also needs to be clarified whether the gadget comes as SmartTag 2 and SmartTag 2+ this time, as there is no mention of the plus variant on the FCC website. The listing also reveals the model number of the Galaxy SmartTag 2 as EI-T5600.

Earlier, the SmartTag 2 received Bluetooth SIG certification stating the Bluetooth 5.3 capability last month, which is an upgraded feature from its predecessor holding Bluetooth 5.2. The gadget will have a single channel, FPCB antenna and 3.0V power supply. The new specification aims to improve battery consumption, user experience and performance. Bluetooth 5.3 over 5.2 can lessen interference and improve signal strength.  

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