Galaxy S23 Ultra takes a partial step back on 8K video, here’s the reason why

Samsung reportedly disabled the high bitrate option from the Galaxy S23 camera options. For your information, this option maintains the quality of 8K video up to expectations, but to process the large video, it sometimes affects other functions of the device, which leads to unexpected drawbacks.

According to the information, the high-bitrate video recording option came with the Galaxy S23 devices out of the box, but this function was disabled through the June camera update. This function makes it capable of 8K at 30 fps.

Initially, users thought it may be some flight that the device is facing, so they tried some classical techniques like changing and resetting settings and also clearing the cache, fixing apps, and more, but nothing has helped, so then users reported it on several platforms like Reddit.

Reasons for disabling the high bit rate option from 8K video

To clarify the reason behind the disabling of the high bitrate option, Samsung’s in-charge of cameras posts that “Regarding the use of additional options for 8K video, the corresponding menu was activated and released during the second SW Update. sorry. In the case of 8K, the camera uses the most resources, so we inevitably limit additional options,” said the Samsung camera in charge” (machine translated). However, the incharge hasn’t clarified whether the feature will activate in the future or not. But being on the users slide, we also hope that Samaung will reintroduce this feature with future updates.

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