Everything new about WearOS 4 (One UI 5 Watch) for Galaxy Watches

The Galaxy Watch 6 has won the hearts of the fan community with its great features, modern features, and stylish look. But the interesting thing is that apart from these, another great thing is that it is the first smartwatch ever to arrive with WearOS 4-based One UI 5 Watch.

Now the latest Galaxy Watch 6 offers more improved and better features to the users at their convenience, which surely enhances their experience. Let’s gossip about what’s new in the Galaxy Watch 6 with WearOS 4.

  • Enhanced Sleep Tracking: This time, the Galaxy Watch 6 set the stage on fire because now it will not only monitor the sleep of the users but also monitor their sleep and tell them how to improve it so that they can achieve their goals.

For this, When users are sleeping, their sleep phases, blood oxygen, heartbeat, etc., are measured, and all the data is prepared and shown to the users after the night passes so that they understand what to do to improve and from where.

  • Individualize Heart Rate Zone: The Galaxy Watch 6 helps users to individualize their heart rate while running, and for this, it includes analysis based on real-time running and interval training process features as well. The users who use these programs will display activity subdivided clearly into two parts according to their heart rate zones, which will be fully based on their personal abilities.

At the moment, the Galaxy Watch 6 will help users understand where they literally need to be to achieve their goals, for there are five levels: Warm-up, Fat burn, Cardio, Hard training, and Maximum effort.

  • Menstrual Cycle Tracking: This tracking option will help make menstrual cycle predictions, for which the tracking system will monitor the skin temperature of the users while they are sleeping, based on which it will be able to make the prediction.

However, Menstrual cycle tracking and the skin temperature sensor on the Galaxy Watch 5, as well as the Watch 6, have been hot topics of gossip.

  • Transfers Get Simple: Now, the users of the Galaxy Watch 6 are allowed to transfer their watch without any need to reset it due to Wear OS 4, which means that for users, it is easier and quicker to connect to a new phone than the previous version. Currently, users do not have to worry about fully resetting their smartwatch. Once the transfer process is over, the user’s watch faces, applications, and settings will exactly be as they were before.
  • Automatic Backup: Samsung is offering a new automatic backup facility, so users will now get all the backup without even doing it. This feature will work as per the requirement and will also be available through Samsung’s SmartSwitch. The interesting part is that, for the user’s peace of mind, the backup also gets stored in their Samsung account cloud.
  • Samsung Wallet Improved: On Wear OS 4 Samsung’s wallet facility is now available for the user community. This amazing and super convenient change comes with enhanced facilities, which consist of boarding passes, all the digital ID proofs, and many others. But the noticeable point is that there are some conditions; for instance, Samsung Wallet will only do its job when the Galaxy Smartphone device is connected to the Galaxy Watch 6.
  • Background ECG Readings: Samsung is also providing the facility of automatic background ECGs for the users, which will silently work in the background of their Galaxy Watch 6. And the ECG application on watch 6 looks for an interval of at least one hour, which counts irregular heartbeat readings.

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