Wear OS Based Galaxy Watch Should Bring All Messages Features

The Korean Brand has already launched its Galaxy Watch 6 with Wear OS 4 based on One UI Watch 5. Samsung has put all its efforts into improving new features and improvements in this watch so that more convenience can be increased for users. Even after this, a deficiency is being felt that so far, fans’ communities cannot send messages from their wrists. 

Recently, WhatsApp facility has also become available in wearable watches, to which they can send messages through WhatsApp and increase their messaging experience. But apart from this app, the users are not eligible to send their messages from their Galaxy Watch 6.  

Seeing notifications in the Galaxy Watch 6 is not enough, or just looking at the messages can not work; it seems a little uncomfortable to reply to messages from the phone all the time, especially when users are riding a bike or something else. As a solution to this issue, the company should develop a Wear OS chat app, which will offer users more facilities regarding text messages. 

 So, by which the fan community not only see incoming messages or notifications but can scroll at their convenience and reply to them from their wrist through their wearable Galaxy Watch 6. It feels so good to hear that users can write and send messages by voice-to-text, or they can also get the facility to type their message on their Galaxy Watch 6 based on the Wear OS. 

Samsung should provide facilities for enhancing users messaging experience, for which Galaxy Watch 6 will require some urgent apps such as Wear OS chat and voice apps.

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