New Google Maps Wear OS update available for Galaxy Watches

Google has now rolled out a new Google Maps update for Wear OS-supported devices, specifically smartwatches. The Samsung Galaxy watches also run on it, so they will also receive it simultaneously.

The latest update of Google Maps is now available on the Galaxy Store with version number with a size of 20.63MB. The latest Update of Google Maps doesn’t come with any specific changelog, but having a significant file size, it is expected that the update will bring some performance improvements.

Just like a Galaxy phones, you can use Google Maps to access all the features that help you navigate, this application works seamlessly on many Galaxy watches including Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 6 does. To use the app without any trouble, you have to give all the necessary permissions, including location access, because, without it, the application will not work properly.

The Google Map application can be run on your Watch without the help of your phone. However, the condition is that you should have a watch that comes with LTE connectivity. While the Bluetooth-only watch will support the app with the help of a connected smartphone. You can also update the application with or without the help of a smartphone. 

How to update Google Maps Wear OS app on your Galaxy Watches

Update Google Maps Wear OS app with the Galaxy phone

  • First, connect your phone, and Watch are connected. Now open the Galaxy Store, tap Menu (the three horizontal lines), and then tap Updates.
  • Select the Watch tab, and then tap Update All to download all available updates.
  • To download individual updates, tap the Update icon next to the app.
  • When you open the Galaxy Wearable app, you may see an update notification. You can update your apps this way as well by tapping View Update and then tapping Update All in the upper right corner.

Update Google Maps Wear OS app with the Galaxy Watches

  • On the Watch, swipe up from the Home screen to access the Watch’s apps. 
  • Open the Play Store app, and then swipe down to My Apps.
  • Tap My Apps; all of your installed apps will be listed. An update option will appear if an update is available for any apps. Hit on it.

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